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  • Tigo - CCA Cloud Connect Advanced Kit

    Tigo - CCA Cloud Connect Advanced Kit

    Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Kit is comprised of the compact and powerful communication hub of the Tigo TS4 platform. The Indoor Kit includes a CCA and a TAP. The Outdoor Kit includes a CCA, a TAP, and an IP68-rated outdoor enclosure...

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  • Tigo - Dual Core RSS Transmitter Kit

    Tigo - Dual Core RSS Transmitter Kit

    Tigo's RSS (Rapid Shutdown System) Transmitter completes the cost-effective rapid shutdown system architecture when paired with Tigo's UL-certified Fire Safety solutions - including the TS4-F (integrated), TS4-A-F (add-on), TS4-A-2F...

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  • Tigo - TAP

    Tigo - TAP - Access Point

    The TAP improves the data management of residential, commercial, and industrial solar systems by wirelessly communicating with smart modules. Each TAP collects data from up to 300 TS4 units (~100kW systems) or up to 600 modules using...

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  • Huawei - SmartLogger 2000-Face Huawei - SmartLogger 2000-Face

    Huawei - Smart Logger 2000

    Smart Functioning as communication manager, data logger, PLC master and Ethernet switch Multiple communication interfaces including PLC, RS485, Fast Ethernet, and SFP ports, flexible applications STP and RSTP supported for fiber ring network and...

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  • Huawei - SmartLogger 3000A

    Huawei - Smart Logger 3000A

    The Huawei Smart Logger 3000A is dedicated to monitoring and managing a PV power generating system. It converges all ports, converts protocols, collects and stores data, and centrally monitors and maintains. SMART IEC60870-5-104 for connections to...

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  • Neurio - W1-HEM Home Energy Monitor Neurio - W1-HEM Home Energy Monitor App

    Neurio - W1-HEM Home Energy Monitor

    The Neurio Home Energy Monitor installs easily within the home's load panel and provides extremely granular energy data that is used to reduce energy usage, monitor solar performance and plan for future storage needs.   Compatible with...

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  • Schneider - Conext Gateway

    Schneider - Conext Gateway

    Advanced solar and battery system control solution The new Conext™ Gateway provides local system configuration and management as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar and battery applications. To...

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  • Schneider - Conext System Control Panel

    Schneider - Conext System Control Panel

    Monitor and configure Conext Inverter Charger Systems and Xanbusenabled accessories The Conext™ System Control Panel (SCP) eliminates the need for separate control panels for each device and gives a single point of control to set up and...

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  • APsystems - ECU-R - Front APsystems - ECU-R - Back

    APsystems - ECU-R, Zigbee Gateway for YC600I

    The APsystems ECU, our state-of-the-art Energy Communication Unit, is the information gateway for our microinverters. The unit collects module performance data from each individual microinverter and transfers this information to an internet database...

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  • SMA_Com-Gateway-RS485_(frankensolar)

    SMA - Com Gateway RS485

    Easy upgrade The good news for all owners of PV systems with RS485 data communication is that with the SMA Com Gateway, even existing systems can benefit from all options of the modern SMA Speedwire data communication. Whether it’s a system...

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  • SMA_DataManager-M_(frankensolar)

    SMA - DataManager M, Speedwire/Ethernet

    Get the most out of energy In combination with the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, the Data Manager M optimizes communication, monitoring and control of PV systems with up to 50 SMA devices. Based on the new IoT platform for energy management,...

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  • SMA_Webconnect-Ethernet-Data-Module-for-SB-TL-22_(frankensolar)

    SMA - Webconnect (Ethernet) Data Module

    The Speedwire/Webconnect data module is a Speedwire communication interface with Webconnect function for one inverter. Speedwire uses the internationally established Ethernet standard, the Ethernet based IP protocol as well as the communication...

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  • SMA_Webconnect-Ethernet-Piggy-Back-for-SB-11-12_(frankensolar)

    SMA - Webconnect (Ethernet) Piggy-Back

    The Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy-Back is a Speedwire communication interface with Webconnect function for inverters. Speedwire is a wire-based type of communication based on the Ethernet standard and the communication protocol SMA Data2+. This enables...

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