Optimizer/Rapid Shutdown

  • APsystems - RSD Dual Transmitter-PLC- Outdoor Kit APsystems - RSD Dual Transmitter-PLC

    APsystems - RSD Dual Transmitter PLC Outdoor Kit

    The APsmart Rapid Shutdown System Transmitter-PLC is part of a rapid shutdown solution when paired with RSD-S-PLC, a PV module rapid shutdown unit. SAFE Meets NEC 2017 (690.12) requirements Meets SunSpec requirements RELIABLE Transmitter-PLC...
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  • Tigo - TS4-A-S Tigo - TS4-A-O - Installed

    Tigo - TS4-A-S - Shutdown Module

    Safety is a Flex-MLPE function that enables rapid shutdown and module level monitoring. It is UL PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) certified with leading inverters to meet NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020 rapid shutdown requirements. Features Module level...
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  • Tigo - CCA Gateway Standalone

    Tigo - CCA Gateway Standalone

    Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Kit is comprised of the compact and powerful communication hub of the Tigo TS4 platform. View module-level monitoring data through Tigo's SMART Website. Quickly commission new installations with Tigo's SMART App...
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  • APsystems - RSD-S-PLC - Rapid Shutdown System - Logos

    APsystems - APsmart RSD-S-PLC - Rapid Shutdown System

    From the developers at APsystems, APsmart offers state-of-the-art PV module rapid shutdown devices (RSD-S-PLC) for Canada, ideal for any new or existing string or central inverter system, and meeting Canadian Rapid shutdown requirements on rooftops...
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  • Tigo - Dual Core RSS Transmitter Kit

    Tigo - Dual Core RSS Transmitter Kit

    Tigo's RSS (Rapid Shutdown System) Transmitter completes the cost-effective rapid shutdown system architecture when paired with Tigo's UL-certified Fire Safety solutions - including the TS4-F (integrated), TS4-A-F (add-on), TS4-A-2F...
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  • Tigo - CCA Cloud Connect Advanced Kit Tigo - CCA Cloud Connect Advanced Kit - Open

    Tigo - CCA Cloud Connect Advanced Kit

    Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Kit is comprised of the compact and powerful communication hub of the Tigo TS4 platform. The Indoor Kit includes a CCA and a TAP. The Outdoor Kit includes a CCA, a TAP, and an IP68-rated outdoor enclosure...
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  • Tigo - TAP

    Tigo - TAP - Access Point

    The TAP improves the data management of residential, commercial, and industrial solar systems by wirelessly communicating with smart modules. Each TAP collects data from up to 300 TS4 units (~100kW systems) or up to 600 modules using...
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  • Tigo - TS4-A-O Tigo - TS4-A-O - Installed

    Tigo - TS4-A-O - Optimizer Module

    The TS4-A-O (Optimization) is the advanced add-on optimization solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules for higher reliability. Improve energy efficiency by upgrading underperforming PV systems or adding smart features...
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  • Huawei - SUN2000-375W-USP0

    Huawei - SUN2000-375W-USP0

      The Huawei optimizer provide you with the most efficiency from your solar panels. Optimization allows your panels to produce their maximum at all times, unlike a string setup. If one panel is shaded or degrades it will not effect any other panels...
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