Japan’s leader in solar roof mount technologies has come to Canada to bring us it’s fast mounting, flexible and watertight solutions. All the Roof-Tech products are engineered for the Canadian weather with stamped engineered drawings available for all provinces to submit with the building permit.

  • Roof-Tech - Roof-Entry-Bracket REB - 45 Roof-Tech - Roof-Entry-Bracket REB - Contents

    Roof-Tech - Roof-Entry-Bracket REB

    RT-REB Roof Entry Bracket Innovation for wire management on the rooftop. Since the 2012 launch, 150,000 REB kits have been installed in Japan. To date, zero leaks! Stainless Mounting Screws M5...
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  • Roof-Tech - RT-Mini - 45

    Roof-Tech - RT-Mini

    Self-Flashing Mounting Base RT-MINI is Roof Tech’s self-flashing mounting base designed to attach conventional rail mounting systems and accessories including the conduit.RT-MINI is...
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  • Roof-Tech -  Deck Screw

    Roof-Tech - Deck Screw

      When the MINI base is installed on the deck, 5 screws must be used. Four screws are fixed into the sides and 1 on the ridge side. Each MINI is shipped with 2 mounting screws. The installer...
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